Diesel Contamination Solutions

Prioritize Diesel Filtration

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Diesel Conditioning Systems

CODs offer complete diesel conditioning to remove particulate, water, and
bacterial contamination from your diesel. Available in both off-line (kidney loop)
and on-line (CODX) systems, CODs utilize high capacity DFE rated filter elements
to remove particulate with incredible efficiency upstream of the Coalesce housing,
giving you clean, dry fuels and protecting your injectors. Standard models
can be sized up to 600 gpm (2271 lpm) to work with diesel powered turbines
or down to as few as 5 gpm (19 lpm) for the smallest of diesel reservoirs.

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Compact Diesel Conditioning Systems

A smaller and more compact alternative to full size COD systems, FSLCODs utilize a
condensed design perfect for marine and any applications requiring size restrictions.

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Diesel Conditioning Filter Cart

For those applications requiring filtration on the go, FCLCOD Diesel Conditioning Filter Carts provide the same unmatched filtration capabilities as the COD and FSLCOD in a mobile platform perfect for facilities and tank farms with multiple diesel storage sites.

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Diesel Coalescing In-Line Filter Assembly

Ideal for construction fueling depots, tank farms and common fuel rail applications with particulate filtration already in place, CSD Diesel Coalescing systems provide in line single pass water removal efficiency down to 50 ppm. Matched to your existing system flow, CSDs give you incredible flexibility for installation and allow you to filter the fuels that pass through.